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Mt-TechCollege of Medicine and Health Sciences, Saint Lucia Partner to Enhance Educational Opportunities.
Montana Tech of the University of Montana and the College of Medicine and Health Sciences have partnered to enhance educational opportunities offered to students. This partnership allows Montana Tech students, with a “B” average and a Bachelor of Science degree in either Biology or Chemistry, to receive automatic acceptance into the College of Medicine and Health Sciences.
The partnership will help achieve our goal to make medical school more accessible for current and prospective students, and address the shortage of doctors in Montana and across the nation.  The partnership will provide an avenue for Montana Tech students to automatically be accepted to the College of Medicine and Health Sciences and ultimately increase the number of graduating physicians from the College of Medicine and Health Sciences.
“We are pleased to form this partnership with the College of Medicine and Health Sciences.  Montana Tech is always happy to present new and exciting opportunities to our students.  This partnership, which lessens the uncertainty associated with pursuing a career in medicine, is good for our students, for Montana, and for the nation,” said Dr. Doug Coe, Dean of the School of Letters and Sciences at Montana Tech.  “We look forward to seeing an increase in the number of Montana Tech students entering medical school and eventually practicing medicine.”